Felice Macchi’s Buon Ricordo Plate Collection


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For his 73rd birthday in April, Felice Macchi indulged in a culinary delight at La Bettola Del Gusto, a charming seafood-focused restaurant in Pompeii, Italy. His choice for the special occasion was the house specialty: spaghettoni, a thicker version of spaghetti, bathed in a luscious fermented anchovy sauce, adorned with fragrant black truffles, and enriched with butter crafted from the milk of water buffaloes indigenous to the Mediterranean.

The exquisite dish arrived on a ceramic plate, meticulously hand-painted with a whimsical design showcasing the spaghettoni creation alongside a smoking volcano, paying homage to the iconic Mount Vesuvius that overlooks the region. Mr. Macchi savored every bite of his meal, describing it as nothing short of “excellent.” However, his experience did not end there—instead of leaving with leftovers, he departed with the plate that had cradled his delectable pasta.

This plate joined the ranks of hundreds of others in Mr. Macchi’s extensive collection of Buon Ricordo plates, which he has acquired over time. These plates adorn various corners of his home in Varese, Italy, with some serving as functional dinnerware while others add a touch of charm to his living spaces.

The Buon Ricordo Plate Collectors Association

Since 2022, Mr. Macchi has held the prestigious role of President within the Buon Ricordo Plate Collectors Association. This esteemed group boasts around 400 passionate members hailing from Europe and South America, all united by their shared love for these unique culinary keepsakes. Currently, the association is diligently preparing for an upcoming exhibition of these prized plates at the renowned Fondazione Sant Elia museum in Palermo.

When questioned about the origins of his collection, Mr. Macchi, who works as an insurance agent, responded with a touch of romance and nostalgia, encapsulating the sentimental value these plates hold for him.

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