Far-right Lawmaker to Dismiss Assistant Accused of Spying for China


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A prominent German far-right lawmaker announced on Wednesday that he will be parting ways with his assistant, who was recently arrested on suspicion of spying for China. Despite the incident, the lawmaker, Maximilian Krah, will continue to lead his party as the top candidate in the upcoming European Parliament elections.

Details of the Espionage Case

Details of the Espionage Case

Krah’s assistant, Jian Guo, a German national who had been working for Krah since his election to the EU legislature in 2019, was taken into custody on Monday. Prosecutors allege that Guo, believed to be working for a Chinese intelligence service, had been sharing sensitive information about negotiations and decisions within the European Parliament. Furthermore, he is accused of monitoring Chinese dissidents in Germany.

Following a judge’s decision to keep Guo in custody pending a potential indictment, Krah expressed his determination to investigate the accusations thoroughly and address the situation. He assured that his team would work on reconstructing Guo’s activities.

Guo’s arrest has shed light on the Alternative for Germany (AfD), a far-right party that has faced criticism for its pro-Russia stance. Krah, in response to the situation, emphasized his commitment to clarifying the matter and redirecting the election campaign to focus on European issues.

Despite the overshadowing effect of the incident on the upcoming elections, Krah confirmed his persistence in leading the campaign. He acknowledged the need to distance himself from the controversy and underscored that there were no allegations of misconduct on his part.

Notably, the news of Guo’s arrest coincided with the apprehension of three Germans suspected of spying for China in a separate case. Additionally, British prosecutors revealed charges against a former UK parliament researcher and another individual for espionage on behalf of China.

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