Far-Right Greek MP Arrested After Parliament Brawl


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Parliament Brawl Leads to Arrest of Far-Right Greek MP

Parliament Brawl Leads to Arrest of Far-Right Greek MP

A far-right Greek MP, Konstantinos Floros, was arrested following a physical altercation in the country’s parliament. The incident involved Floros and Vasilis Grammenos, a member of the nationalist Greek Solution Party.

Altercation Details and Arrest

During a parliamentary session, Floros allegedly assaulted Grammenos, leading to his arrest by the police on the orders of Parliament Speaker Constantinos Tasoulas. Floros, a former member of the extreme Spartans Party turned independent MP, faces criminal charges for assaulting a fellow parliament member.

Debate Over Immunity and Consequences

The altercation occurred amidst a debate regarding the immunity of MP Kyriakos Velopoulos, president of the Greek Solution Party, who is facing defamation charges. Floros’ outburst and subsequent physical attack on Grammenos prompted strong reactions from Tasoulas and resulted in Floros’ expulsion from parliament for 15 days.

Repercussions and Supreme Court Decision

Following the violent episode, the parliamentary speaker condemned Floros’ actions as “brutal behavior” and warned of potential legal consequences for the expelled MP. Additionally, Greece’s Supreme Court decided to exclude the far-right Spartan Party, formerly associated with Floros, from participating in the upcoming European Parliament election due to alleged ties to the extreme-right Golden Dawn party.

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