Exploring Memory, History, and Freedom Through Mónica de Miranda’s Art


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About Mónica de Miranda

Through drawing, installation, photography, film, and sound, Mónica de Miranda delves into the intersections of politics, gender, memory, space, and history. Her work invites audiences to ponder themes of resistance, geographies of affection, storytelling, and ecologies of care.

Venice Biennale 2024

Venice Biennale 2024

Currently representing the Portugal Pavilion at the prestigious Venice Biennale 2024, Mónica de Miranda showcases her project “Greenhouse.” This collaboration with activist Sónia Vaz Borges and choreographer Vânia Gala explores themes of memory, history, and freedom.

Photography Showcase

Inspired by the one-minute image concept of the French director Agnès Varda’s, we present four original videos, each analyzing a captivating photograph by Mónica de Miranda.

Notable Photographs

  • ‘Creole Gardens’ from the series ‘Greenhouse’: This photograph at the Portugal Pavilion in Venice Biennale showcases historically significant gardens where enslaved individuals found nourishment and solace, embodying the memories of black bodies.
  • ‘Twins’ from the series ‘Cinema Karl Marx’: Captured in Angola, this image symbolizes the transition from colonial struggles to independence. Female twins represent the complexities of identity, culture, and historical reconciliation.
  • ‘Whistle for the Wind’ from the series ‘The Island’: Shot in Alentejo, Portugal, this image uncovers overlooked black histories, exploring themes of colonial legacies, land exploitation, and gender subjugation within nature.
  • ‘Sunrise’ from the series ‘The sun does not rise on the north’: Overlooking Africa from Tarifa beach, this image portrays profound connections between characters and ecosystems, symbolizing spiritual exchanges between the living and the dead.

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