Exploring Global Perspectives: Highlights of the Venice Biennale Main Show


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Main Show Highlights

Brazilian curator Adriano Pedrosa’s main show at the Venice Biennale features a strong focus on figurative painting, showcasing artists predominantly from the Global South, many of whom are deceased. Living artists are also prominently featured, presenting either large-scale works or collections of smaller pieces, with the majority making their debut at the Biennale.

Theme and Significance

The exhibition titled “Stranieri Ovunque — Foreigners Everywhere” explores themes of migration, diaspora, indigeneity, and craft. Through underrepresented perspectives, the show aims to provoke contemplation on shared humanity amidst global conflicts and increasing border restrictions.

Golden Lion Winners and LGBTQ+ Artists

Golden Lion Winners and LGBTQ+ Artists

Notable achievements at the Biennale include Australia winning the Golden Lion for best national pavilion and the Mataaho Collective from New Zealand receiving the Golden Lion for the best participant in Pedrosa’s main show. LGBTQ+ artists like Kang Seung Lee and Manauara Clandestina also present compelling installations reflecting on identity and migration.

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