European Union Regulators Threaten TikTok with Fine


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European Union regulators have issued a warning to TikTok regarding potentially addictive features on its TikTok Lite app. The app, designed for smoother performance on slower networks, has come under scrutiny for features that could contribute to addiction.

Regulatory Challenges for TikTok

In addition to the E.U. investigation, TikTok is facing regulatory hurdles in the United States. The U.S. Senate is set to vote on a bill that could force ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, to sell the app due to concerns over data privacy and national security risks.

The concerns surrounding TikTok include its ties to China, data collection practices, and the impact on children’s mental health. The app’s reward features, which incentivize users to spend more time on the platform, have raised red flags regarding addiction risks, especially for young users.

TikTok Lite, popular in countries like India and Brazil, was recently introduced in Spain and France. The app is optimized for devices on slower networks, offering a lighter version with reduced memory usage.

According to the Digital Services Act in the E.U., companies like TikTok are required to conduct risk assessments before implementing significant changes. TikTok failed to comply with this requirement when introducing the rewards features on TikTok Lite, prompting the regulatory action.

  • TikTok has been given a deadline to submit a risk assessment report by April 23 and provide additional information by May 3.
  • If TikTok fails to meet these deadlines, regulators may impose fines of up to 1% of its annual income, along with potential additional penalties.

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