EU Lawmakers Call for Seizure of Russian Assets to Support Ukraine


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European Union lawmakers are urging for the seizure of Russian state assets to provide further support to Ukraine amid the ongoing conflict. While EU countries are considering an aid package of approximately €3 billion annually using interest from Russian central bank capital within the bloc, legislators believe more decisive action is necessary.

Push for More Comprehensive Measures

Push for More Comprehensive Measures

Lawmakers advocate for seizing all of Russia’s assets held within the EU, which total around €210 billion, as part of efforts to bolster Ukraine’s financial resources. The existing aid plans are deemed insufficient, with calls for a more robust response to the escalating situation in Ukraine.

Challenges and Legal Considerations

Despite the urgency to support Ukraine, EU officials, including foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, highlight the necessity of adhering to international law when dealing with Russian assets. Concerns about legal implications and potential repercussions underscore the complexities of asset seizure as a form of financial support.

It is crucial to navigate the legal framework carefully to avoid setting a precedent that could lead to international disputes or legal challenges in the future.

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