Efforts to Repeal 1864 Abortion Law in Arizona


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Democratic lawmakers in Arizona are making a third attempt to repeal an 1864 law that bans abortion, setting the stage for a contentious battle in the Republican-controlled State Legislature. Previous efforts to overturn the Civil War-era ban faced opposition from Republican leaders, leading to failed attempts by Democrats and some members of their own party.

Current Situation and Challenges

Democrats are now seeking new support and exploring different strategies to bring their repeal measure to a vote. Despite these efforts, it remains uncertain whether additional Republican lawmakers will defy party leaders and anti-abortion groups to push for a vote in the narrowly divided House. Representative Stephanie Stahl Hamilton, a Democrat, introduced a concise bill to repeal the 1864 law, but it has not yet been put to a vote.

The reluctance of the Legislature to overturn the law, which is viewed by many as outdated and extreme, has caused a divide within the Republican Party. Attorney General Kris Mayes, a Democrat, stated that if repealed, the measure would not take effect until June 8.

Prominent Republicans, including former President Donald J. Trump, have called for the elimination of the law to shift the political discourse towards immigration and inflation. However, influential anti-abortion advocates in Arizona have urged Republican state lawmakers to maintain the ban, citing its role in protecting women and unborn babies.

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