ECR Party Rejects Spitzenkandidaten Process and Emphasizes Green Deal and Migration Policies


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ECR Party Rejects Spitzenkandidaten Process

ECR Party Rejects Spitzenkandidaten Process

In a press statement on Wednesday, the party announced its decision not to participate in the Spitzenkandidaten process due to its belief that the system is ineffective. The decision was made following the adoption of the party’s electoral manifesto in Strasbourg.

Position on Green Deal and Migration

The party stated that it aims to reevaluate the Green Deal to prioritize socio-economic well-being and address the concerns of various stakeholders such as farmers and businesses. Additionally, the ECR highlighted the need for a comprehensive border security strategy to cover all entry points, including air, land, and sea borders.

The ECR party, consisting of 20 conservative parties from across the EU, made the decision not to nominate a candidate for the European Commission’s top position. This move signifies the party’s longstanding opposition to the Spitzenkandidat system, which they consider ineffective.

The party’s stance was reinforced by Czech MEP Jan Zahradil, who endorsed the decision, citing the failure of the system in 2019. The ECR’s position is seen as a departure from traditional EU election practices.

The ECR party manifesto emphasizes the need for a balanced approach to climate policies that consider the well-being of ordinary citizens and various industries. They also advocate for stronger border security measures and a focus on national sovereignty.

The party’s rejection of the Spitzenkandidaten process and its emphasis on reevaluating climate policies and migration strategies reflect a distinct approach within the European political landscape.

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