David Lammy: The Trans-Atlantic Politician with Deep American Ties


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Few British politicians have American ties as deep as those of David Lammy, who is poised to become Britain’s foreign secretary if the opposition Labour Party wins the upcoming election, as indicated by polls. A son of Guyanese immigrants who grew up in a working-class area of London, Lammy has a unique background that intertwines the UK and the US.

Trans-Atlantic Connections

During his upbringing, Lammy spent summers in Brooklyn and Queens, where he worked at Con Edison. His educational journey took him to Harvard Law School, where he earned a master’s degree. He also developed a friendship with former US President Barack Obama and actively supported him during his initial presidential campaign in Chicago.

Challenges Ahead

Despite his strong ties with the Democratic Party and President Biden, Lammy faces a new challenge in navigating the American political landscape, particularly with the resurgence of former President Donald J. Trump. As the potential future foreign secretary of Britain, Lammy must now establish connections with Republican figures and engage with individuals associated with Trump’s circle.

When asked about the possibility of visiting Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s residence in Palm Beach, for diplomatic purposes, Lammy expressed his willingness to engage with any American leaders based on the choice of the American people. He emphasized his readiness to engage in discussions with a diverse range of political figures.

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