Columbia University and Barnard College Pro-Palestinian Protest Fallout


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Over 100 Columbia University and Barnard College students faced a harsh reality after being arrested for refusing to leave a pro-Palestinian encampment on campus. The aftermath of the arrest saw a chilling turn as Columbia University announced that the students’ IDs would soon be deactivated, potentially hindering their ability to complete the semester.

Released with summonses, the students learned that they were suspended, leaving just a few weeks left in the semester. This suspension meant some students had to vacate their student housing with the semester nearing its end.

Despite the repercussions, the arrested students remained resolute in their cause of protesting Israel’s actions in Gaza. They recounted being transported to the police headquarters on buses with their hands tied, maintaining their spirits by singing throughout the journey. Many felt an increased conviction in their activism, appreciating the national attention drawn to Columbia and Barnard, its affiliated college.

The series of events unfolded shortly after Columbia University President Nemat Shafik testified before Congress on campus antisemitism. The university acknowledged instances of antisemitic behavior, including a physical attack. Some Jewish students viewed the protests as antisemitic, further complicating the campus climate.

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