Cherry Blossom Season in New York City


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After months of gloomy weather and stark branches, New York City is now adorned with the delicate beauty of cherry blossoms. Approximately 35,000 ornamental cherry trees throughout the city are in full bloom, showcasing a stunning display of white and pink petals that attract throngs of admirers to revel in their ephemeral splendor.

Overview of Cherry Blossoms in New York City

Here is a detailed guide to the types of cherry blossoms found in New York City, their blooming period, and where you can witness these enchanting blooms:

When is Peak Cherry Blossom Season?

Typically, most of New York’s cherry trees reach peak bloom by mid-April, with slight variations depending on the specific variety. Once the blossoms emerge, they grace the trees for approximately 10 days, creating a breathtaking spectacle.

The exact timing of the blossoming phase is influenced by factors such as temperature and daylight duration. With recent mild winters, the cherry trees in the city have been blossoming a bit earlier than usual, delighting onlookers with an early burst of floral elegance.

This year, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden recorded its first bloom on March 10, signaling the commencement of the cherry blossom season. However, the eagerly awaited peak bloom, when the garden’s Cherry Esplanade and Cherry Walk are awash with vibrant pink blooms, is still a few weeks away.

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