Chaos in Manipur Elections


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Authorities in India have instructed officials to conduct a re-vote at multiple polling stations in Manipur, a northeastern state plagued by violence. Armed assailants attacked polling locations, leading to the capture of voting booths despite the presence of numerous paramilitary forces.

Manipur has been embroiled in ethnic conflicts stemming from a disagreement over tribal status privileges, such as preferential treatment in government job applications. The turmoil, ongoing since last May, has divided the region’s three million residents, particularly between the Hindu Meiteis and the Christian Kukis. Over 200 individuals from both groups have lost their lives, and thousands remain displaced, residing in inadequate camps out of fear for their safety.

The Election Commission of India announced that voting will be redone at 11 polling stations on Monday due to violence, gunfire, electronic voting machine damages, and the infiltration of fake voters as reported by the region’s chief election commissioner.

Footage from the Inner Manipur constituency, one of the state’s two parliamentary seats, captured mobs storming polling sites and destroying electronic voting machines.

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