Challenges in EU Election Campaigning in Hungary


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EU Election Campaigning in Hungary

EU Election Campaigning in Hungary

Campaigning for the upcoming municipal and European Parliament elections in Hungary officially began on Saturday, allowing candidates to engage with voters. The elections are scheduled for June 9th, with the Fidesz party consolidating both to reduce expenses.

Challenges Faced by the Opposition

Challenges Faced by the Opposition

Election experts have noted that the opposition in Hungary encounters challenges in promoting their campaigns due to the extensive control of media by the current government. The ownership of campaign infrastructure by businesses aligned with Fidesz restricts access to traditional media and billboards, leaving the opposition with limited means of communication. However, avenues such as electronic media and social platforms theoretically provide opportunities for outreach, although government advertising spending can influence these spaces.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who also serves as the Chairman of the Fidesz party, recently addressed a rally launching the party’s campaign for both the European Parliamentary and local elections.

Internationally, efforts are being made to ensure ethical conduct in the European Parliament elections across Member States. Election expert Zoltán Tóth expressed disappointment that no Hungarian parties have signed an ethics code endorsed by parties from 12 countries. He also raised concerns about the centralization of election judgments by the Hungarian Supreme Court, casting doubts on the restoration of the rule of law in Hungary.

Tóth highlighted a growing trend towards online campaigning, driven by older generations adapting to internet use influenced by younger family members.

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