Challenges in Eric Hovde’s Senate Campaign


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Election Campaign Controversy

Republican banking executive Eric Hovde, who is challenging Senator Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin, is facing potential issues with older voters. His bank, Sunwest, was recently named as a co-defendant in a California lawsuit involving allegations of elder abuse, negligence, and wrongful death at a senior living facility the bank partially owned. Despite Mr. Hovde’s campaign dismissing the lawsuit as meritless, the situation has raised concerns.

Controversial Remarks on Nursing Homes

In a separate incident, Eric Hovde drew criticism for his comments suggesting expertise in the nursing home industry due to his role as a lender to such facilities. His remarks about nursing home residents’ life expectancy and voting eligibility drew swift condemnation from Democrats in Wisconsin and former NBA player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Republican Senate Campaign Challenges

Eric Hovde’s campaign troubles are part of a larger Republican effort to seize Democratic Senate seats in key states. Alongside candidates from Ohio, Montana, and Pennsylvania, Hovde aims to help Republicans gain control of the Senate. The financial resources of affluent candidates like Hovde are seen as crucial in balancing the early fundraising advantage held by Democrats in this high-stakes political battle.

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