Challenges and Turmoil at NPR


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The Meeting and Disappointment

NPR employees gathered for a crucial meeting last year, eagerly anticipating updates on the network’s future. Instead of good news, they were confronted with challenges ahead. NPR’s chief financial officer, Daphne Kwon, highlighted a decline in impact and struggles in on-demand audio.

Turmoil and Criticism

Recent turmoil at NPR stemmed from a senior editor’s critique of extreme liberal bias affecting the organization’s news coverage. Uri Berliner’s accusations triggered backlash from conservatives, including former President Donald J. Trump, and sparked internal debates on NPR’s journalistic integrity.

Struggles and Internal Conflict

Internal documents and interviews with NPR executives reveal deeper struggles within the nonprofit. Amid a declining audience and falling revenue, NPR faces internal conflict on how to adapt to the evolving media landscape.

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