Call for Independent Investigation into Clearance of Chinese Swimmers


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Call for Independent Investigation

The Biden administration’s top drug official, Rahul Gupta, has called for an independent investigation into the clearance of 23 elite Chinese swimmers who tested positive for a banned drug before the 2021 Summer Olympics. Gupta emphasized the need for a thorough examination of how Chinese and global antidoping authorities handled the situation.

Revelation of Positive Tests

The swimmers had tested positive for a banned heart drug, trimetazidine (TMZ), but were not suspended or publicly identified before the Olympics. Despite this, they went on to win five medals, including three golds, at the Tokyo Games. The revelation of their positive tests after the fact sparked controversy and allegations of a coverup.

Upcoming Meeting and Response

Gupta plans to address the handling of the positive tests during a meeting of sports ministers in Washington, where top members of the World Anti-Doping Agency will be present. He stated that there must be rigorous, independent investigations to ensure fairness in international athletic competitions and uphold athletes’ rights.

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