Bitcoin Cash Rally Led CoinDesk 20 Gainers Last Week: CoinDesk Indices Market Update


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CoinDesk Indices (CDI) presents its bi-weekly market update, highlighting the performance of leaders and laggards in the benchmark CoinDesk 20 Index (CD20) and the broad CoinDesk Market Index (CMI).

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) (+6.6%) and Internet Computer (ICP) (+4.6) is the only members of the CoinDesk 20 to close Thursday with positive returns on the week.

Several cryptos that have led the index of late pulled back this week, including aptos (APT) and dogecoin (DOGE), each falling more than 14%.

Within the CoinDesk DeFi Index, the majority of index members lost ground this week. Three emerging protocols, however, posted gains: Solana-based liquid staking protocol Jito {{JTO}}, atomic swaps network Synapse (SYN) and swap aggregator Jupiter {{JUP}}.

CoinDesk 20 tracks top digital assets and is investible on multiple platforms. The broader CMI comprises approximately 180 tokens and seven crypto sectors: currency, smart contract platforms, DeFi, culture & entertainment, computing, and digitization.

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