Behind the Scenes Chemistry in ‘Anyone but You’ Promotional Tour


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Behind the Scenes Chemistry

During the promotional tour for their romantic comedy “Anyone but You,” Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell showcased a playful and affectionate dynamic that mirrored their on-screen romance. From cozy photo ops in Australia to flirtatious banter during interviews, the co-stars fueled rumors of a real-life relationship.

Glen Powell and his girlfriend had parted ways, while Sydney Sweeney was engaged to her fiancé, Jonathan Davino, who happened to be an executive producer on the film. The alleged offscreen chemistry between Powell and Sweeney quickly became a topic of speculation among fans and media alike.

Strategic Marketing and Impact

Both actors acknowledged that leveraging the public’s interest in their relationship was a deliberate marketing strategy to enhance the rom-com’s appeal. Powell emphasized the importance of fun and chemistry in selling the genre, and Sweeney, who was actively involved in the film’s marketing, admitted to fueling the narrative with creative ideas.

“The audience plays a crucial role in shaping the reception of a film,” Sweeney noted, highlighting the interactive approach taken to engage viewers throughout the promotional campaign. The duo’s on and offscreen connection served as a compelling backdrop for generating buzz and drawing audiences to the movie.

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