Archie Moore Wins Golden Lion at Venice Biennale


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Archie Moore, a renowned Indigenous Australian artist, claimed the prestigious Golden Lion award at the Venice Biennale for his exceptional installation titled “kith and kin.”

Installation Description

For his award-winning installation, Moore intricately depicted a monumental family tree using chalk on the walls and ceiling of the Australia Pavilion. The family tree comprises 3,484 names spanning over 65,000 years of history. Moore intentionally obscured some details, creating a sense of mystery and depth within the artwork. The centerpiece of the installation features a large table adorned with official documents related to the deaths of Indigenous Australians in police custody.

Julia Bryan-Wilson, the chair of the Biennale jury and a professor at Columbia University, commended Moore’s work for its poignant portrayal of a shared history marked by loss and resilience. She described the installation as a “mournful archive” that captivates viewers with its aesthetic beauty and emotional depth.

Before the award ceremony, critics and visitors alike praised Moore’s installation for its profound impact and intricate detail. The hand-drawn family tree, at times densely packed with names, conveys a powerful message of interconnectedness and shared heritage. The installation invites viewers to reflect on the interconnected nature of humanity and the significance of preserving cultural legacies.

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