Amsterdam’s Regulations to Combat Overtourism


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Amsterdam is taking strict measures to control overtourism by implementing new regulations that limit the construction of hotels and the number of overnight stays for tourists. The city’s local government aims to maintain a balance between the needs of residents and visitors to ensure a sustainable future.

Hotel Construction Restrictions

  • Construction of new hotels in Amsterdam is now prohibited unless an existing hotel closes down.
  • New hotel properties must not increase the total number of sleeping accommodations in the city.
  • Any new hotel projects must demonstrate added benefits to the city, such as sustainability initiatives.
  • Hotels that have already been granted permits are exempt from these restrictions.

These regulations are part of the city’s efforts to manage the influx of tourists and maintain the liveability of Amsterdam for both residents and visitors.

Limitations on River Cruises

Limitations on River Cruises

Another significant measure introduced by Amsterdam’s authorities is the restriction on the number of riverboat cruises allowed to enter the city. The goal is to reduce the impact of these cruises on the local environment and infrastructure.

Year Number of Vessels Docked
2023 Around 2,300
2028 (target) 1,150

By cutting the number of river cruises, the city expects to significantly reduce the total number of tourists visiting Amsterdam and alleviate overcrowding issues during peak seasons.

This comprehensive approach to managing overtourism in Amsterdam involves a combination of regulations, taxes, and restrictions to create a more sustainable and liveable environment for all.

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