Allegations of Financial Elder Abuse Against Brad Herman


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Allegations Against Brad Herman

Last year, Brad Herman, known for his work with celebrities, received praise for assisting Cindy Birdsong, a former member of the Supremes, in breaking free from alleged undue influence. However, recent developments have seen him facing accusations of financial elder abuse and misappropriation of Birdsong’s funds.

Birdsong’s son, Charles Hewlett, who serves as her conservator, has filed a petition accusing Herman of mishandling his mother’s finances and seeking the return of missing funds. The legal battle revolves around the control of Birdsong’s conservatorship, with Hewlett gaining authority over her affairs following a court decision in late 2021.

The court documents claim that Herman took advantage of Birdsong’s vulnerable state, leading to the alleged financial misconduct. Birdsong, now 84 and unable to communicate due to health issues, is under medical care with Hewlett overseeing her estate.

The petition, filed by Susan Geffen on behalf of Hewlett, states, “Mr. Herman used his position of trust and confidence to take advantage of Ms. Birdsong’s dependency and exercised care, custody, and control over her property.”

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