AI-Crafted Coffee Blend: Revolutionizing the Traditional Industry


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An artisan roastery based in the Finnish capital has introduced a groundbreaking coffee blend developed by artificial intelligence. The Helsinki-based Kaffa Roastery’s “AI-conic” blend aims to revolutionize the traditional coffee industry by leveraging cutting-edge technology.

AI-Crafted Blend

AI-Crafted Blend

The “AI-conic” blend is a result of a collaboration between Kaffa Roastery, Finland’s third-largest coffee roastery, and the local AI consultancy Elev. Using advanced AI models similar to ChatGPT and Copilot, the AI was tasked with creating a unique blend that would appeal to coffee enthusiasts.

  • The blend features four types of beans, with Brazil’s Fazenda Pinhal being the dominant variety, known for its velvety texture.
  • AI not only selected the coffee beans but also designed the package label and provided a detailed taste description, highlighting the blend’s balance of sweetness and ripe fruit notes.

Kaffa Roastery’s managing director, Svante Hampf, expressed surprise at AI’s unconventional choice of using four different types of beans in the blend. However, after blind testing, Kaffa’s experts confirmed that the AI-crafted blend was perfect without any human adjustments needed.

According to Elev’s spokesperson, Antti Merilehto, “AI-conic is a tangible example of how AI can introduce new perspectives to seasoned professionals, offering coffee lovers innovative taste experiences.”

The collaboration between artisan roasting skills and AI technology has sparked discussions among coffee professionals in Finland, a country known for its strong coffee culture and technological advancements.

Hampf believes that AI has the potential to revolutionize the coffee industry, particularly in creating unique taste profiles. He emphasized the value of AI-generated coffee taste descriptions, showcasing the possibilities of technology in enhancing traditional practices.

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