A Unique Passover Seder Addressing the Israel-Hamas Conflict


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Bonnie Rosenfeld’s Unique Passover Seder

Bonnie Rosenfeld welcomed 38 guests into her home in Rockaway, N.J., on Monday night for a Passover Seder like no other. This year’s gathering was particularly special as it aimed to address the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, known as “the elephant in the room.”

As the candles were lit at the beginning of the holiday, the group recited prayers focused on the conflict, including thoughts for the remaining Israeli hostages, prayers for peace, and acknowledgment of the unfolding tragedies on both sides. It was a solemn moment that set the tone for the evening.

Reflecting on the significance of the situation, Ms. Rosenfeld referred to the traditional Four Questions of Passover, emphasizing the uniqueness of this year’s Seder. “This night is different,” she remarked, capturing the sentiment shared by many across the country.

A Somber Passover Amidst the Israel-Hamas Conflict

Throughout the nation, families and friends gathered for Passover against the backdrop of the prolonged Israel-Hamas war, infusing the holiday with a solemn atmosphere. The celebratory mood typically associated with Passover was replaced with a sense of gravity and reflection.

Empty dining chairs symbolized the hostages still held, while guest lists were carefully curated to prevent potential conflicts and maintain a harmonious atmosphere. Time-honored stories and prayers took on new significance against the backdrop of current events.

Adapting to the somber mood, traditional rituals were modified to align with the emotional complexities of the moment, bridging generational divides and sparking meaningful conversations among attendees.

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